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Michelle Malafaia.

Born in 1976, Brazil(Porto Alegre) didn't spend too long at this lovely and beautiful town moved to Japan at age of fifteen, where I still currently living with my two sons.

Spent most of my life searching for happiness, after so many years I finally realized I could only find it inside of my own heart.
Nothing gives me joy if I'm not in a good mood it's not the way life imposes me feelings but the way I view it.

Happiness have you found it?Search in your heart!


Since you're here drop a line!

Oil painting, general craftsy, music, books, travel, internet, photography, cuisine, environment, anything that hasn't filled my cup of tea yet.

Working experiences
Administration and Execution for communications related Japanese companies, General Marketing, TV, Radio, Modeling,  Movie direct's assistance, interpreter, even waitressing and nurse's assistance(at a young age) are my working experiences until now.
Living experiences in Portugal(Almada) and some time spent in US(Florida) setting up a new company for the one I worked at that time.

What I care for
I have no regrets in life because I never left business undone better make a quick move in life than never move at all.
I care about the ones who surround me and I love, I care for the ones who suffer and hunger from the world poverty.
I abominate racism and any kind of violence toward human rights.
I'm simple as I can be even though still sometimes misunderstood by many.